Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Epic Fail Challenge

We have challenges every months on the Divas Facebook Group. You can read about them on our website challenge page HERE. Yes, I know I keep forgetting to post them on the blog...

We also have some "Hey, let's do this!" challenges and right now we have am Epic Fail challenge. Did your day go wrong? Did you do something stupid? Did inanimate objects take on a life of their own? Make a page about it!

The weather in the UK has been dire recently with lots of flooding. On the south coast where I live we've also had high tides and storms to contend with and this is what happened to some local beach huts (between Boscombe and Southbourne for the UK peeps, and I cheated - the ones on the left are at Durley Chine a mile away). I used a quickpage by Cinzia Loosemore, the alpha is from Trixie Scraps, All About Me, The Littles.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

If you'd like to see another Epic Fail page complete with sorry tale about the worst cruise ever go the The Ship's Rail !

Sometimes old colours just work

I bought "Waiting For Spring", a collab kit from Little Butterfly Wings and Juliana Kneipp, at the weekend. I intended to use it for a layout about waiting for Spring complete with terribly clever macro shot of a clematis shoot but that will have to wait for another day. Let's face it the wet weather in the UK is a joke and folk might just laugh if I made a page about Spring.

I got distracted by this collage background and the "Let's play outside" sign. Both reminded me of childhood photos. I tried many many times to correct the colour in this photo of my Nan, brothers and cousin in our back garden but it never turned out right. On this page it doesn't matter, it's fine as it is.

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It gets worse ....

My last post was about documenting the disappointment. Right up there in our fancy header it says "cruising" does it not? Well, here's a twofer - a page about the most disappointing cruise ever.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I used mostly Scrapyrus' Anchor My Love. I can't even bear to write the story again. You can read about it on The Ship's Rail

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Not Your Grandma's Grammar

by Yobeth Puckett

To say it's not your Grandma's grammar would be an understatement. Children in the United States aren't even being taught cursive in school anymore and grammar has been on a slippery slope for years!  I'm afraid to think where texting is going to take us.

I don't claim to be an English major but some things are just annoying. Homophones, for example, are one of my pet peeves.  Here are just a few of the frequently mixed-up words I see:

  • to/too/two
  • their/there/they're
  • hear/here
  • passed/past
  • your/you're/ur

In the examples above, I added ur as my prediction for where we're headed!  I hope you realize these words do not mean the same thing.  Let's take their/there/they're and use them in a sentence.  They're going to sit with their family over there.  You get the gist.

Now let's consider punctuation.  A comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence.  The quote below is from website.  It is a perfect illustration and made me laugh.

I hope I haven't made too many grammatical errors while typing this post. 
English was never my favorite subject and a refresher course I took a few years ago reminded me why!

Feel free to send me any of your pet peeves in the comments.
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