Friday, 28 May 2010

Affiliate Links?

How many blogs do you see with affiliate banners for this and that? "What is she talking about? Why doesn't she just refer to the banners she has to the right?" you may well ask ...

Well, that's because most affiliate programs don't allow you to mention that you're an affiliate of the program even though they give you the banners to put on your site. Sounds daft? It's because they don't want you saying "please click on this and I'll earn 50c" or whatever. I probably broke a few rules there except I don't think I have any banners like that!

Why do I have affiliate banners on my sites?

Because I tend to have expensive sites. I upgrade to remove ads, I upgrade for more space so you can see lots of pics, I use private sites for family photos and SmugMug for better viewing. It all costs money and a few dollars here and there helps with the costs. Affiliate earnings don't make me a profit as such, she says speaking like an accountant conscious of tax returns. They simply reduce costs (or reduce losses if I'm continuing to think like an accountant who was once a tax inspector!)

Is it a good idea to turn a hobby into a business? No. Absolutely not.

Is it a good idea to turn a hobby into a business? No. Absolutely not.

I thought it was worth saying twice!

Been there, done that. I ran a team of consultants for a scrapbooking company a while back and it earned me the title of "Most hated scrapbooker in the UK". Nice. You have to wonder about the kind of people who vote in a poll like that but it's good to know there will be a scrapbooking group for them in hell when they get there.

Hobbyists tend to be hypocrites. They want to be able to buy everything but don't want anyone to make money selling it and treat you like something they stepped in if you run a scrapbooking business. Looney tunes ....

It must be fun being an employee of a craft store or website. That way you get paid but don't get blamed for running the business!

As for stating I'm earning money from something, I think mny readers are also intelligent enough to know if they click on a banner it's going to be an affiliate link.

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