Saturday, 19 March 2011

Family History Scrapbooking on Facebook

As I idly waste most of my day on Facebook I've come across quite a few people working on their family tree who love old photos and scrapbooks - plus scrapbookers who seem to be working on their family tree as well. So it's time the two came together.

I've set up a basic website for articles and links (the problem with Facebook pages being the useful information disappears down the page). I'll work on that over the next few weeks, preparation for the next tax year permitting. In the meantime the Facebook page is up and running HERE. Please "like" us and add your comments and photos. Everyone is welcome, whatever their main interest. Companies and designers are welcome to promote their products and services but I hope they will also stick around to give some tips.

You can get help restoring your old photos and we'll help beginners get started - whether it's starting their family tree or their scrapbooks.

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