Monday, 5 August 2013

Got Journal Cards? Use them!

I'm a great collector of "stuff" (especially free) in the belief that I'll make wonderful pages with it all. Journal cards - I'd say journalling but that would embarrass the bad spellers across the pond who carelessly lose an l - are my latest craze. I must have hundreds of them. The Grand Plan is to use them to fill in those pocket thingies.

Now pocket thingies don't really work for me. No,  that won't stop me writing a tutorial on using them. I tend to go off piste and unless I'm going to create digital holes in said pockets the page would look a bit silly.

In the meantime here are two quite different sans pocket layouts. As you can see, both are designed to mock DH's choice of T- shirt. Both use Little Butterfly Wings' Just Add Water. I tried to add them to her Facebook page but that feature is disabled. Customers' pages not good enough - big marketing FAIL.

First page uses two journalling cards as ordinary elements:

In this one I tried really hard to put stuff in pockets (I used Chelle's Creations' In Pocket template No 7) but ended up deleting that layer. Then I added a ton of extra stuff and a border which is probably against all the rules .If you work in Memory Mixer or My Memories you can use any free block templates like this as a temporary background for photo placements. You might also find that there is stitching and/or pockets in PNG form that you can use .

Just play! Get to love your journal cards - and I'll have some tips on how to make your own in a future article.

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