Sunday, 27 October 2013

What About Close-ups?

What do you think about close-ups?  I love close-ups but I can remember the day when my main goal with photos was to get as many as I could on a page, in an album!  Nothing fancy just a photo album.  I was doing great not to keep them in photo envelopes and boxes.  Film and developing wasn't cheap so I never had very many photos!

I've changed over the years I guess. Today, we can get such great digital shots, we can take way more than we need, delete what we don't like and use the cream of the crop for our scrapbook pages. Now I want them in a digital scrapbook with lots of papers, embellishments, and journaling.

Depending on the occasion, I may still want to put several pictures on a page but for the most part I like one or two photos per page now.  And when I have a photo that I really love, I like to blow it up almost full size and zoom in for a very tight close-up.  Digital photography and digital scrapping make it so easy.

Another technique is to use a photo as a background image then have a few related shots grouped together.  There are a lot of special effects that can be done if desired.  In the layout below I changed the background photo to black and white then reduced the opacity slightly.  I used My Memories Suite photo tiling technique to divide the photo up across three photo boxes.  Put these scrapbooking ideas to use and make your pages pop.

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