Monday, 11 July 2011

A Day At The Seaside

I renewed my Smilebox subscription today, although I was not amused that a) their payment process did not tell me anywhere what the amount would be (they charge us in £s so that THEY save currency charges and WE pay VAT. Brilliant), it just charged my card with a random amount of money, and b) they started my year's subscription LAST month even though I hadn't used the service which was a bit cheeky. Presumably then you have to have it for life or cancel and never subscribe again.

Oh well, they get this year's money and we'll see if it's worth renewing next year. This album is of our day in Bournemouth last week - probably our entire summer. I like the subtle colours. The design is by Anna Aspnes.

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I also discovered this one languishing on my hard drive - John's 40th Birthday Cruise in 2001. It was pre-digital so not many photos! I was VERY thin, partly because I'd had a bad kidney infection for the first part of the cruise. One way to lose weight ... I was weeing for England.

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