Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sometimes colour is not worth the trouble!

In this blog colour has a "u";-)

DH was an "oarsman" at school and university. Say what? He rowed the long boats you'll see in any movie featuring Boston. We have several professional shots, usually at the end of a long race so you can't see any faces as they're bent over in agony and exhaustion. One useful one showing an actual race in progress was meant to be coloured but I think someone developed it at home and the colours were virtually gone. There was brown, green and, brown. Whenever I tweaked it the colours of their shirts turned a weird violet colour.

The answer was to make it sepia and not just standard brown sepia (we already had enough brown, remember?) I tweaked the sepia colour in my beloved Picnik and then put the picture in a page created from Mye De Leon's Down By The River. There was a frame cluster I bought with the kit but it looked a bit twee for a rowing shot so I made my own. The text is from the Eton Boating Song.

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