Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sleep is for wimps

I thought I'd beaten the only-stressed-peeps-get-this virus but it turns out the cough comes back as soon as you lie down which rather puts paid to sleeping. The new website has got to the stage of needing brain power. Putting links and pictures on it is a bit like putting together an MFI wardrobe, for those old enough to remember. You really don't want bits left over. Fortunately, Weebly is a joy to work with and a lot less clumsy than it used to be - and infinitely better than the waste of cyber space who used to have my scrapping website.

So with brain addled from lack of sleep I made the new header for the blog. Working out how and where to change the background and load an image took up a lot of brain power. I was very fast on the old system!

It would be much much better if I could just make a long thin scrapbook layout but the designer TOUs are a minefield. I don't mind at all paying for a commercial/professional license for a kit if I can actually use it for the site and blog BUT CUs are designed primarily for designers making kits for others. I'm not interested in that and wouldn't have the skills anyway. Some refer to a "personal website". CS might not be regarded as purely personal. That leaves us with "professional" licences which specifically allow business marketing. They're expensive and I've only seem them one site and haven't seen any suitable kits yet. The last option would be to pay a designer to make a header for me. That would no doubt be expensive and since I'm about to give up my income ...Right now I can't be bothered to get into licence shenanigans so we have to stick with what I can make with photos.

I can't give you a link yet as new blogs get removed if they have too many links and not enough content in the first few weeks but , let's see, you might just be able to work out the site name from this blog and take a peek. There are lots and lots of albums, naturally. It's always good to have more eyes on the layouts! Tutorial-wise the list going on there gets longer and longer. I started backwards a few weeks ago and made some tutorial slideshows (the easiest way to do it) so my friends could do some of the more geeky things. All those will be there but I'm going to try and get on with the Newbie tutorials so new scrapbooking friends can get started quickly. We're getting there!


  1. Oh yay!!! Love the new look. I'm a wimp --- I hate being sleep-deprived (and yet I often am, lol)

  2. Yes, I have heard that guinea pigs need lots of sleep ;-)

  3. lol --- oh we do!!!!!!!!!!!