Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Out with the old and back in with the old again

Welcome to my new blog. I'm typing this for purely selfish reasons as I need to know how the text looks. There will be lots of playing with the design. It might even have some content soon. But then it's gardening season. This blog title basically says everything about how I waste time - scroll down and there's a beach. There's a ridiculous font, there are/will be scrapbooks. If only it had a cat and a bunny... I'm not too sure about the mauve colour but then I'm even less sure of my skills in manipulating this new fangled blogger system. I just hope it allows HTML or there will be no slideshows. Oh, right. There's a big button there that says HTML ...

EDIT: Since writing this I discovered how to import the old Arcadian Scrapbooks into this one so now it's a new blog with about 65 posts!

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