Saturday, 30 March 2013

I don't know what rabbits ever did to deserve the abuse they get at Easter. No animal should ever be bought as a present at Easter or Christmas. Last year 67000 rabbits ended up in rescue in the UK. Many more are abandoned and starve to death. I know rabbits very well and I know when they're scared or distressed and that's what I see in these cutesy kids-with-bunnies layouts scrapbookers are fond of. They think it's OK to cause animals distress for their amusement and they're teaching their children to do the same. It's disgusting. I was told I caused offence to US scrappers by saying so because it's a "tradition". That brings up two questions:

1) What kind of nation thinks tradition is more important than kindness and respect for animals? Oh, right, the one with the gun tradition...

2) What on earth makes people think they can push me around in a Facebook group that I RUN ??? Unbelievable ...

Incidentally this was made in Memory Mixer. Don't even try to create subway art in My Memories, it will freeze by the time you get your third text box on the page. Tutorial to follow shortly.

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