Thursday, 21 March 2013

Organize, Colorize, Scrap!

On our Facebook pages we're frequently asked how we organize our scrap book stash.  Digi-scrapping does not generate the same mess as paper scrapping but it can quickly clutter up your hard drive!  I'm sure there are many ways to regain control of you digital disaster and what works for me may need a little tweaking to work for you.

Sharon has written an excellent article that will definitely help you tidy up a bit.  You can read it here.  It may seem overwhelming to think about but break it down into smaller tasks and before you know it you'll be able to find what ever you're looking for.  I'm sure you've heard the saying, How do you eat and elephant? Answer - One bite at a time.

You may have some things in your stash that don't really fit into a specific subject theme.  I like to group these kits and alphas by color scheme.  If you use the tips in Sharon's article you will use Windows Explorer to view your stash.  Did you know you can recolor your Windows folders?  This may make is even easier to identify items filed by color.  You can read my article about colorizing Windows folders here.

I hope these tips are helpful and you'll have more time for what's important, scrapping!

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