Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Essential Preparation

They say you should write about what you know so I'm not going to write an essay on good preparation  for everything in life.  Come on! Have we met?? 

I do take cruise prep seriously though (a lot more to follow on our dedicated cruising blog) and it's fun to make "prep pages".

I made this page quickly while zipping through a lot of photos from 2019 in order to "catch up". The phrase "catch up" is normally banned but just this once... I also finished a quilt, cut hubby's hair and transferred my entire life onto a new computer so yay me for achievement this weekend.

It was quick because it was a "pre-decorated paper" and all I did was add photos and the text. The "Escape..." word art was pre-made too. Cheat when you can! All the elements on the page are from Connie Prince's Bon Voyage kit. The photos show:

1) The dress I take on every cruise. It had just come back from a short cruise so I took advantage of good weather to wash it before our Aurora cruise. It's beaded silk and it's DRY CLEAN ONLY. Pffftt... forget that. That just means "not to be washed by idiots". Oh, and wash it by hand! It's actually hanging from our garden parasol, not just hanging from the sky. Or maybe I'm wearing it in invisible mode.

2) The pesky labels taken off new clothes. I can't stand itchy labels next to my skin and always remove them. It usually takes forever as they're sewn on in a ridiculous way with multiple rows of stitching. Needless to say I'm often doing this at the last minute and there have been cries of anguish as my seam ripper rips through the actual garment. 

3) Luggage labels. My printer hates these more than it hated printing tax returns. Once upon a time cruise companies took your money then politely sent you printed luggage labels.

I do start preparing well before the cruise but sometimes it gets away from me and there's a lot of last minute prep then I CAN'T SLEEP  'COS I'M TOO EXCITED!!! 

Mind Games

One thing you can do well before your cruise is prepare in your head. I made this page just after we'd booked a cruise to the Canaries. I used photos of a previous trip to Madeira (including the page background) and journal cards from the Project Life app. I added a pic of my Portguese book and the music I was listening to in Portuguese, albeit Brazilian.

Get Off Our Ship!

I like to take photos of preparing to get off the ship too - photos of our luggage and the cabin and the ship in "closed" mode etc. Well, getting off isn't exactly stressful for us since it takes us about 10 minutes to get home...

There are more cruise prep pages in the album HERE and an article on our main site HERE

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