Sunday, 18 September 2022

How To Cheat At "Outdoorsy"

I'm not outdoorsy. I'm beach-y, sit by a pool-y, walk on the common-y but not one who would make use of the many outdoorsy digital kits that are available and that, for some reason, I buy. I bought them so going to use them...

Here are some flattering photos of me I found the other day with afro perm and fashionable-at-the-time Deirdre Langton glasses. Despite many many hours spent organising photos I'm still surprised when I find them.  We were outdoors having an archery lesson at Walton Hall, near Stratford. We were actually only a few yards from our apartment but still outdoors, so there. I have a huge collection of wood effect papers which made this template (Studio KPD Layerworks No 1677) even more outdoorsy.

[Click on any photo to see a larger version]

Here's a more recent collection of photos from a walk in Boscombe Chine gardens - a few yards from the beach but you wouldn't think so.

The template I used here is Scrap With Liz' Focal Point no 16. Tips: Put the word "outdoors" on it and add some bits of dirt and grass. I have a large collection of dirt...  and yet another wood effect background!

You can see more pages of that Grand Day Out in Boscome here.

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