Sunday, 8 July 2012

New Facebook Group - Digi Scrapping Tips

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I hope the noticeboard says it all. Someone is obviously ignoring the request to keep it tidy! I used Heather Roselli's Cubicle with a View to make it.

The new Digi Scrapping Tips group is a completely ad-free zone with pretty strict posting rules to make it a nice place to be. There is far too much "Look at my new kit" garbage on too many Facebook groups and pages. We're quite capable of spending our money without any help! There are several tutorials on there and there will be even more soon. We don't mind which  program you use for your scrapbooking. Whatever it is I bet we can teach you new tricks with it.

We even have a plan to make Monday something to look forward to. Hey, we have a noticeboard for that too!

The Digi Scrapping Freebies group we started a few months ago has a fancy new header, a daily photo challenge - see post below for yesterday's and you can now post good deals you find in the Files section. So I think we got it all covered!

Many thanks to my team of "admin" for both groups - Kimmie, Catherine, Diana, Yobeth, Rachel and Debbie - smart, tough cookies!

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  1. Loving what you did with the papers Sharon - you realise this makes you an honourary member of the CT now!