Sunday, 6 January 2013

Are you happy with your work?

By work I mean, of course, your digi scrapping efforts and not the W word kind of work, the mention of which can get you thrown out of our Facebook groups. I retire from that kind of W word in a  few weeks so I'm almost exempt.

Are you happy with the layouts you make? Do you constantly tweak them? Having tweaked them to death for a few hours after a normal person would considered them finished do you then leave them alone or do you revisit them later and wish you'd done something different?

I sometimes make several versions of a page anyway. I'll often duplicate it (right click on the thumbnail at the bottom of the screen in MyMemories) and change only the background. For an erstwhile paper scrapper it's always a thrill to be able to change the background without dismantling everything and it's surprising now different a page can look.

I'll make several versions of a heritage page because my family continually fail to send me photos (grrr...)  and I don't have many photos to play with but have plenty of fabulous new kits to use. This isn't redoing. It's more like overdoing ...

As for completely remaking a layout because I don't like the old one - yes, I'll sometimes do that. If this sounds like you make sure you catch this week's challenge on Tips!

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