Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Time is Money

Time is money so the business bods say. It's certainly been the case for me as an accountant for the past 30 years. The client is charged for the hours spent on the accounts work. I've been self employed for most of that time so time really is money. It amuses me when I'm in a meeting with a client and he just has to check his messages and answer his phone. You're paying for that time spent with me, Sonny! And I might just add in the rudeness surcharge ...

Before you start thinking "Is she posting on the wrong blog? Does she need more coffee" I'll get to my point. Time is valuable whatever we're doing given that we all have a finite amount of it. Many scrappers struggle to fit in time to scrap in between jobs, home schooling, housework etc. It's important we don't waste that valuable time. So I'm afraid the designers who arrange kits - even freebies - that just dump everything into your downloads folder with no organisation whatsoever have their offerings ignored. No freebie downloads means no looking at your blog and new kits. No sales! Well, no sales anyway because paying to have to tidy up after the designer is even worse...

One big online store has had server problems this week. They have my sympathies for that but one of the side effects of the server problems was that the reduced prices of new kits were not showing up. A few people mentioned it on their Facebook page and were told to email the company. Er....NO, NO. NO!! The customer took the trouble to mention it on the Facebook page - and all of them did it nicely, even me - so the person running the Facebook page can pass the information on to the admin, can't they? Why is the customer having to waste time jumping through hoops? They extended the reduced pricing for a few hours. I'm not sure why they couldn't have done it for a few days. Anyway the pricing still wasn't right in their tiny time frame so no sale and probably not looking at next week's new kits either. Sorry, folks, I just don't have time!

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