Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lots of new exciting stuff happening!

Those of you seeing this blog for the first time are going to think. "Digi scrapping what now?"  Digi Scrapping Divas is an umbrella site for the Digi Scrapping Tips, Freebies and Landscapers groups on Facebook plus a LOT more. It will have articles, reviews, help pages for the FB groups etc and will be written by several contributors. You've met Catherine in her post below and you will start to see others appearing on the right hand side >>>>

The Facebook groups are not changing, other than getting new spruced up headers when time allows and a lot more members since our new site and blog will be promoting them all over the place. That  means more tips, more layouts, more freebies and more new friends! FB groups are fun but they're a bit restrictive in terms of information pages and help we can offer so that kind of thing will be on Digi Scrapping Divas.

Have fun looking around. We're happy to have suggestions !


  1. Wow! this looks great!going to be a nice place to stop and check out lots of new Ideas and just chat!

  2. Seriously? You don't have enough to do already!? Are you superwoman or something? You're making lazy gits like me look bad :D

  3. wooo hoo.. Excellent stuff Sharon!! Tracey, Aust :o)