Monday, 8 April 2013

Breathtaking Arrogance

I had my time wasted today.

I sent a support ticket to one of the big "We're God's gift to scrapbooking" stores. More like one of the many "Oh dear, we don't seem to have exclusive designers so the customers can walk and buy elsewhere" stores. So they rely on customer loyalty. So they probably shouldn't waste people's time.

My query, which involved a copyright issue, was resolved but only after they wasted our time for hours with snitty ill-thought responses including the classic "I can give you my attorney's number". Ooooh, I'm really scared. An attorney??? Wow. Does it not occur to someone running a business that the person they're dealing with might have a legal background? Might have worked for many years in an intellectual property company??

It is foolish indeed to assume your correspondent is a scaredy cat who might run away. I've had dealings with this arrogant pair before. Snitty is basically default mode. Ever heard of the Chinese proverb "A shopkeeper should keep a smiling face" ? And a bit of respect for someone who has spent thousands (really) of dollars over the years would not go amiss.

So ... I did run away. And I took my Paypal account with me. "Profile deleted". No-one gets to waste my valuable time.

Sharon Horswill

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  1. I didn't appreciate the attorney comment much either. That's definitely snitty for someone who later says, I didn't mean to come across as snitty. Yeah, right!
    Money talks and when it walks it's saying bye bye!