Friday, 5 April 2013

Here Comes The Sun.... Not Just For PS Peeps!

I love sun ray shapes, it reminds me that there might be some summer - or even Spring - out there somewhere. If you've looked with longing at the many PS/PSE templates with sun ray shapes but you use MyMemories this is for you. It's an easy tutorial on how to make and save a sunray wedge shape and then fill it with paper/photos. Be warned though this kind of page could take you a while. You're adding a shape then filling it with a photo (papers are jpegs just like photos are) rather than the other way around. Unfortunately MMS takes you to your pictures folder each time rather than to where you were when you filled the last shape. This meant about 12 clicks for each wedge for me since I have everything in multiple nested folders. This is why I save sun ray papers in a special folder, it's much easier that way!

Here's the page I made with Connie Prince's Swim On kit:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The tutorial is on Coastal Scrapbooks HERE.

Sharon Horswill

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